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We went for a consultation, and we were very sad at the treatment of the instructor's personal dog as well as the treatment of ours. Using the shock collars is a form of animal abuse.

Who in their right mind would turn over their family pet for two weeks to people like this? You have no idea what they're doing to your dog behind closed doors. God only knows! They told us they could break our dog.

We have our pet for the characteristics her breed has to offer, why would we shock it out of her? If we didn't want what she has to offer, we would've bought a different breed. Dogs aren't horses, they shouldn't be broken! They can have behavior modifications, but without it being associated with PAIN.


Do not under any circumstances use this company. Anything we wouldn't do to ourselves, we shouldn't have done to our pets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you don't like the collars then why did you go to the consultation? Did you not know they use collars?

Did you feel the collar on your neck? Did your mother pick you up by your neck with her teeth like a mother dog does her pups? You cannot compare your neck to a dogs. And what Sit Means Sit location did you use?

Since there are over 124 locations and all are independently owned and operated I don't think its fair to trash all when it was just the one that you didn't like. The collar does not teach a dog to sit or down it only reinforces a know command when the dog does not want to listen or is distracted or laser focused on a ball or squirrel. And even then when trained properly the collar only needs to be used on very low levels to simulate a finger poke or leash tug to get the dogs attention. Once some kids where throwing a ball for my dog, she has very high ball drive and loves to play fetch.

The ball accidentally went into the road with cars wizzing by, without the collar I would have never been able to stop my dog from getting hit by a car. The collar possibly saved my dogs life!


You tried it on your hand? Good for you.. try it on the sensitive skin on your neck before you go shouting about how it doesn't hurt.


I'm curious why you think that the e-collar used by Sit Means Sit is painful? Did you hold it in your hand and activate it?

I did. I did it several times and at many levels. It wasn't the least bit painful.

You are making a huge assumption and the only negative I can pull from your review about this company is that the person you met with didn't explain to you exactly what the e-collar is, how it works and how they use it for training. I don't believe you have a valid review if you didn't even 1) understand the training or 2) actually use the service.

to Anonymous #1422333

try it on your neck at level or 7

to Anonymous #1455765

Well not sure if you read the review from the guy who said he worked there for a week and what he saw. Very sad that you treat dogs like that.

to Anonymous #1457476

Sit means sit... is that you with your anonymous replies.

You aren’t fooling anyone.

This establishment should be shut down. Just down right sad.

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