Signed my giant schnauzer up for 2 weeks board and train for over $2500 I expressed concern at the beginning about the collar but was assured it would not hurt him. After taking the collar off when I got home he had 4 burned scabbed places on his neck.

What a waste of money and harmful to my dog.

I was fearful that this e collar would be harmful but they assured me it would not hurt him.

I feel terrible that he was subjected to two weeks of this treatment and his neck is hurt. Would never recommend them to anyone.

Review about: Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Those aren't burns. They are pressure necrosis similar to bed sores.

Still a bad company I just wanted to straighten out that electric collars are not capable of "burning" your dog. They don't have near enough amperage to actually harm your dog physically.

Saint Peters, Missouri, United States #1026354

If you have to take your dog to a trainer you don't need a dog. Those places do nothing but abuse them.

I would never leave my dog for two weeks anyway. Imagine how traumatized they must be.

to James #1068946

Not true. A responsible dog owner will take their dog to training classes (there are many good ones out there, you just have to do your research).

However, it is important that the owner trains WITH the dog and not just leave the. With a trainer).

The WORST thing a pet owner can do is to NOT properly train their dog. However, I would not go to someone who trains with shock collars.

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